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Atlantic Coast Recycling

Working Toward a Greener Future
Since 1974

Using our experience to better serve our communities and promote environmental awareness...

Atlantic Coast Recycling is one of the Northeast’s oldest and most respected recycling companies. Headquartered in Passaic, New Jersey, ACR operates one of the largest combined single-stream and dual-stream recycling facilities in the nation. Our state-of-the-art, 125,000 square-foot facility uses highly automated equipment to provide recyclable processing services to dozens of New Jersey municipalities and businesses throughout the greater NY metropolitan area.
Serving Municipal, Commercial, and Industrial Customers

Our Services


ACR can service all municipal single-stream and dual-stream residential curbside recycling collection programs, working with municipalities and private haulers to provide outstanding service... LEARN MORE


ACR meets waste material and recycling needs with regular or as-needed collection and purchase of recyclable materials. If required, ACR can provide a trailer, compactor, or baler on site... LEARN MORE
One of the Nation's Most Advanced Recycling Operations

Our Facility